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Below are dogs formerly owned, trained and/or titled by us here at Taylor'd Canines that have either been sold or placed into new homes.  We miss them greatly, but are pleased they are all in excellent homes and doing well and excelling in each of their disciplines and endeavors.


Deuce 2nd Place Ring I 5/30/09


~ Taylor'd K-9's Ms. Sassy - "Sassy"
DOB 2/20/2004 {F-Dutch Shepherd}~
In early 2008 Sassy went to live and work in
 Texas with Baytown Texas Police Officer
 J. Lee Hendricks.
~ On February 7, 2009 Sassy & Lee passed thier Mondio Ring Brevet.
***June 1, 2009 Sassy & Lee Certified with NNDDA as a Dual Purpose K-9 Team (Narcotics & Patrol) in Texas***
DOB 10/17/04 {M-Malinois}
Taylor began work as a Police K-9 November 9, 2005 for the Nisqually Police Department with his new owner/handler Officer Jeff Jackson.
***Please Note, 10/30/05 "Taylor" [formerly known as Fokker] passed his Criminal Justice Training Commission and Washington State Police Canine Association Narcotic Certification - On May 19, 2009 Taylor Recertified with 100% with both above agencies again***
*Dean & Lesli raised Taylor from 6 weeks to 10 months of age and did all his basic imprinting until he went to narcotics school with Officer Jackson*
Hazard was sent to Utah where he is competing in French Ringsport. He lives with Troy Hill of Utah Protection SportsHe was my pick of the litter and I miss him!!DOB 2/25/2005 {M-Malinois
[Formerly known as "Hazard"]
***7/12/08 Deuce passed his FR Brevet with an 89.5; On 3/27/09 he got the first leg of his FRI with a 176.0 then this May 30th, 2009 he got the second leg of his FRI with a score of 183.9 (coming in 2nd place overall)!!!***
  Keep up the good work Troy and Deuce!!

DOB 1/23/00 {F-Malinois}
(SchH BH, AD; CGC & TT)
- Dutch Import
*Kelly has gone to work Narcotics in Indiana*


Below are dogs owned, trained, titled and loved by us here at Taylor'd Canines that have been missing for years.  If you have any information on their whereabouts, please contact us at Taylor'd Canines.


Mystique's Black Hills Gold - "KayTee"
DOB 7/22/01 {F-Malinois}
(AKC Pointed; AHBA HIC-s & HCT-s)
** KayTee has gone to a pet home in Canada **

Jazz Reigns Da Heart D'Anges - "Abrie"
DOB 4/11/98 {F-Tervuren}
AKC DL739262/03
Sire: CH Beausoliel's Assan D'Anges
DL411417/05 (7-98) OFA26G OFEL26
Dam: CH Carefree Black Jasmine
DL534194/01 (7-98)
**Due to a seizure disorder, Abrie was unable
to participate in competitive dog sports
Abrie has gone to a loving pet home in Tacoma*

Allegro D'Ile du Chien - "Lego"
DOB 5/31/00 {F-Malinois}
(FR I)
**Lego disappeared from where we boarded her in Oregon -
Taylor'd Canines would appreciate any info regarding her whereabouts**

DOB 12/25/01 {M-Malinois}'02 MIA Florida
Nikko was flown back to Florida and escaped from his kennel before his breeder could pick him up.  He's been missing in Florida since 2002.  He is presumed deceased. 
Taylor'd Canines Misses Nikko Daily!!

Please be patient while we update our site, thank you.  More info on other Taylor'd canines to come......

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