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This Page is Currently Under Construction.... Please be patient with us while we create and update. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Portos has been with us 3 weeks tomorrow.  I brought him home from Florida after he'd survived being kenneled outside for one month and two hurricanes while his owner was away working.  When he came to us he was starved, quite ill, injured and infected.  These photos taken 10/24/04 show his recovery, but he still has a long way to go. 


Notice the loss of muscle in his hind end.  You can still see how his body was affected even after 3 weeks of being fed and supplimented 3 times a day.  Portos has the first leg of his Ring III, yet at this time he can hardly chase the ball without getting extremely tired.  These shots are after he's been here for 3 weeks, stuffed with food, played with and loved on daily.  Wow, it’s still painful to see isn’t it?


Thanks also to Brook Moore for the photo's and slide show of Portos at 3 weeks into his recovery.


Portos sends hugs and kisses to all his new Belg-L friends and his old friends in Florida.

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Following Pictures from 10/24/04









Above Photo's are AFTER 3 weeks of Rehab

Check back for more updates on Portos.

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This Page is Currently Being Updated.... Please be patient with us while we create and update. Thank you in advance for your understanding....

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