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Solé's registered name is Spanish for "Pacific Solitude".

Solé was one of only 2 females from the Gabby x Jazz litter. The Davidson Family picked Solé as a pup and planned to keep her till the end of her days but this was just not in the cards for Solé.

Recently - July 1, 2012 - Taylor'd Canines had the opportunity to place Solé in a wonderful home with the Sciaretta Family where she will be working Narcotics in Montana with the Hot Springs Police Department. She has adapted well to her new home and she is finally doing what she was bred to do, WORKING, yeah!! Check back for updates.

Solé had been raised, trained and loved by the Davidson Family {Michael, Jeanae, Aubree, Christopher, and Nicholas} of  Tacoma, WA and Queen Creek, Arizona until 2007 came to stay with her breeder "grandma" Lesli here at Taylor'd Canines in Yelm, WA.  

Mike was training Solé in French Ringsport, prior to his move to Florida.  Solé got worked by Mike on a regular basis, to keep her in good shape and to keep the French Ringsport foundation she received when he trained with us here in Washington.  Solé went to "grandma" Lesli's while Mike was to spend 2 years in Iraq.  She was to return to the Davidson's at the end of 2009 when Mike returned from Iraq however the Davidsons got transferred to another post overseas for several more years so Solé stayed on at Taylor'd Canines and finally the Davidson's just transferred ownership of Solé back to Lesli in early 2012.

Solé was bred to Keno {Finn du Loups du Soleil - littermate to the famous Feist} just before his passing and that breeding resulted in 4 beautiful puppies born July 28, 2008.  To see the pedigree of Solé x Keno go to:

Solé x Keno Litter Pedigree

Owner Mike Davidson with Soledad at 9 weeks

Click Here to Play a Video of Soledad Being Worked by Mike at 9 Weeks of Age

SolÚ was one of only two females in this litter.  She's one hot little girl and what a looker too!! Below are photo's of her just after her 2nd birthday, she just gets better looking with age ;-)

Sole @ just over 2 years (3/10/07)

Sole @ just over 2 years (3/10/07)

Sole @ just over 2 years (3/10/07)

Sole @ just over 2 years (3/10/07)

Sole with the Davidson Children in Florida

Sole @ just over 2 years (3/10/07)

SolÚ posing at 9 weeks
The 4 photo's below and the Video were a training session with SolÚ at 13 weeks of age.  You'll see her quick progression.  At 13 weeks SolÚ already has a perfect full mouth grip, she's on the leg sleeve, she's doing the blind search, with a bark for the bite and check out how she even turns her head properly on the entry.  What a pup!!  Her owner Mike and her decoy Dean have done an awesome job.

SolÚ face attack @ 13 weeks

SolÚ at 13 weeks

SolÚ at 13 weeks {Nice Grip}

SolÚ Bark in Blind @ 13 wks

Click Here to Play Video of Soledad at 13 Weeks

Check out SolÚs' brother Abel - "Guardian's Fabled Son Abel"
{Not her genetic brother, but the dog she is being raised with}

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