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Taylor'd Canines sends CONGRATULATIONS to Deputy Moon on Syrus' OFA Excellent grading of his hips!!

Late in 2006, Syrus was acquired by Austin Moon of Middlesex, VA and in May of 2007 he certified as Deputy Moon's dual purpose K-9 with the Middlesex, VA Sheriff's office
Syrus is certified with NAPWDA and VPWDA. Deputy Moon also hopes to have time to dabble in Schutzhund with Syrus

Taylor'd Syrus in his Patrol Vehicle

Syrus started his life being raised & trained by The Glaspy Family of Meridan, CT.,
Robert, Christina, Sierra and Alyssa.
Taylor'd Syrus @ 7 months
Photo by Chris Spodnick
Above Photo: October 1, 2005 - Syrus after a fun bitework session.

Syrus 3/31/05

Above and Below pictures: Syrus was Mr. Turquoise (named for his yarn collar color) - Here's Syrus at 1 month old!! [Date on Camera is wrong - it's March 31, 2005]


Below picture of Syrus with littermates snoozing.  18 days old!!

Syrus is 2nd from left - 3/16/05

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