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NEWS FLASH..... Taylor'd Canines is pleased to present the Belgian Malinois puppies from one of the only two girls of our last breeding (Gabby x Bubba).... Born May 8, 2007 1 Female, 6 Males from Taylor'd Specific Deterrence x Finn du Loups du Soleil. Yippee, puppy breath!!! Below is a detailed explanation of what our breeding program consists of....

Click Here to see the Spirit x Keno Puppy Pedigree

Taylor'd Canines Breeding Program:

All Taylor'd Canines puppies are extensively imprinted and socialized beginning at 3 days of age up until they leave us.  The programs we use have been proven effective time and again to produce balanced, social, sound, stable and self assured dogs able to deal with any situation and work in most any discipline. 


Taylor’d Canines begins with the Bio-Sensor (US Military “Super Dog” Program) method - Also known as Early Neurological Stimulation, and then we utilize ideas gleaned from other successful breeders such as Kathy O’Brien and Sharon Novak to condition the pups with a mixture of Mondio Play Camp, Guide Dogs for the Blind techniques as well as portions of Clarence Pfaffenberger's Puppy Program.   We've adapted the above programs and added our own time honored methods to ensure our puppies have the very best start we can give them prior to leaving our nest. 


In addition to the above work, imprinting and socialization that we do with our Taylor'd puppies; we have always done the Volhard PAT (Puppy Aptitude Test) at 7 weeks of age.  Recently we discovered a test that we feel is geared much more toward the working dog and that is Jona Decker’s PAWS© Working Dog Evaluation (which tests the pups possessiveness, attention, willingness, strength and drives) so this year, while still evaluating the pups using the PAT we are going to incorporate and follow Jona's (the Malinut) PAWS© puppy test to get a better sense of where our puppies are at in terms of personality, development and drives.  Thanks Jona for your research and insight!!


If you wish further information on our puppy program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Gabriel Ot Vitosha



Gabby on the "Runaway" with 6'4" decoy John Johnston

     Gabriel Ot Vitosha "Gabby" is from the famous Ot Vitosha kennels.  The Ot Vitosha Malinois is the most successful kennel in USA working dogs history!!!  The dogs from Ivan’s breeding program are selected for their working ability, sound temperament and excellent health. Year after year Ot Vitosha Malinois are on the podium as proof.  Their dedication is to preserve the working Malinois. Gabby is from Ivan's "I" litter and the daughter of the well known Bocca Ot Vitosha (SchH III; 1999 DVG/America SchH III Nationals - vice champion {97/96/99} OFA Excellent) and the French Import Ello du Rez-La-Ville from Michel Valladon’s Kennels of France (FR III – OFA Good)

     Gabby is currently training in French Ringsport and has the first leg of her Ring I and she will be working towards more titles after her maternity leave this winter.  Gabby is a beautiful, agile and athletic female.  She is environmentally stable, extremely quick to learn and has obsessive ball (toy) and bite drive.  Gabby has shown herself to be very versatile in many venues.  She’s received herding titles (both legs of her Junior Herd Dog title) and has excelled at and passed all temperament tests and evaluations we could find including the Schutzhund BH.  Gabby’s only limitations are her handler ;-) and lack of time to work her more often.  This is a social, sound, stable, self-assured female with Drive, Drive, and Drive.

     Gabby’s pedigree brings a proven combination of stable temperament, calm full grips, exceptional drive and versatility.  Many dogs out of the same and related lines as hers excel in a variety of disciplines including French Ringsport, Mondioring, Schutzhund, IPO, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Agility and Obedience as well as even Conformation.  We expect medium sized well-balanced, high driven pups with rich red coloring, beauty and character to match. Highly recommend for Experienced Working homes only.

     Health Clearances:

Hips OFA Excellent (BM-1041E24F-T); Elbows OFA Normal (BM-EL261F24-T); Eyes CERF Clear (BM-578); CHIC #16352.  Cardiac and Thyroid Normal, Brucellosis Free


FR Level I; SchH BH, AD; AHBA HIC-s, HCT-s, JHD-s; AKC CGC & TT

Orange Jazzy-Tune van Fort Oranje

2003 NARA Champs w/decoy Frank Cowen

Maximum Ring III height on Palisade

     Orange Jazzy-Tune van Fort Oranje "Jazz or Bubba"

Bubba was the first dog in the United States to go from Brevet to Ring III without ever failing a level.  He made it in 5 trials.  Bubba is handler/owner/trained from a puppy and breaks all the stereotypes of what a “real” sportdog should be.  He sleeps in the bed with his owner and hangs out with her 4 other dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds at his home.

     Bubba will sit comfortably watching the French Ringsport or Schutzhund training and all the dogs working on the decoy's or helpers without any fuss, then when it is his turn to work he turns it “on” for his owner and is ready to get serious.

     Besides French Ringsport, Bubba has competed in Schutzhund, AKC Obedience and AHBA Herding Events.  While he did not pass his SchH I this past year, he did get a 99 in the protection work in a recent trial, breaking all the typical stereotypes of a “Ring dog can’t do Schutzhund”.  Bubba has excelled at both AKC Obedience and Herding.

     Bubba is large impressive dog with a tremendous amount of work ethic in all areas and aspects of his life.  He has a crushing full mouth grip and while he has been taught to be a leg biter, if a heavy barrage is laid down, he won't hesitate to take the arm if there is no opening to take a leg.  While large, he is agile (able to do max on all three Ring jumps), intelligent and just a phenominal all around dog.  He is devoted to his owner and is known for his courage and enormous love of life and is respected by all for his stable, brave and honest character.

     Bubba is equally comfortable on the Ringsport field as he is with kids and dogs hanging off of him.  Bubba is the dog with my dream temperament and the reason I began breeding again after a 5 year hiatus, because I am trying to get dogs with a similar work ethic and devotion to their handler that give back as much or more then they are given.   With his current progeny it looks like we’re succeeding nicely temperament wise on the other hand, Bubba remains quite unique as a whole package and we have yet to copy him.  He remains our shining example for how and what a sporting dog must be; brave, stable, honest, trustworthy and social in all areas of his life and contact with people.  He is truly a magnificent canine and a credit to our beloved breed.

     Health Clearances:

Hips OFA Fair (BM-1076F31M-PI ); Elbows OFA Normal (BM-EL279M29-PI); Eyes CERF (BM-522).  Cardiac & Thyroid Normal, Brucellosis Free.


FR III, SchH BH; AKC CDX, CGC; AHBA HIC-s, HCT-s; TT & Delta Society Therapy Dog

February 25, 2005

April 22, 2003

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